Animation director. Master of Pedagogy.
Started working as an assistant animator from the junior college age, I have worked in the animation field both in Japan and Canada for more than thirty years. I’ve participated in many animation series and feature films such as “Nintama Rantarou” “Ranma Nibun-no-ichi” “Keroro Gunsou” as an animator, a director or a writer. One of the anime characters I designed called "Moe character loved not only kids but grown-ups", and was drawn on the bus called Moe Bus, operated around Shibuya and Nerima in 2006. Some of the works I’ve took part in won an Academy Award nomination candidate, a grand prize awarded by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Good Design award. Besides anime works, I’ve participated in the educational activity as a member of evaluation and selection committee of ANIME-MIRAI, the project for junior Japanese animators, harnessing the knowledge of cognitive science that I’ve studied in University of Tokyo graduate school.